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Hyaluron Pen (0.5 ml)

Hyaluron Pen (0.5 ml)

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  • Hyaluron Pen enhancement is an innovation that penetrates pure hyaluronic acid into the skin without the use of needles.
  • Using high pressure technology, the Hyaluron Pen injects a serum into the area creating an instant enlargement or enhancement.
  • Whether you want to reduce wrinkles, enhance cheekbones, chin, jawline, under eyes, concave skin, or the ever so popular lip enhancement, the Hyaluron Pen is the best, pain free treatment available today.
  • This is a 0.5ml Hyaluron Pen.

The regulations in each state/country is different for providing Hyaluron Pen services meaning licensing may or may not be required. Microblading Miami is not responsible for pre-screening and all due diligence is up to the individual purchasing this product to comply with their state/country regulations.