Consider Microblading when you're loosing your Eyebrows in Miami


Before you consider any treatment like Miroblading, it’s a good idea to get checked out by your doctor or ask a microblade expert like, Carolina of  Microblading Miami Studio and Academy to make sure there isn’t any underlying medical cause. If there is, any hair loss treatments you have may be unsuccessful so it’s essential to rule this out first.

Get your Eyebrows Micorbladed

A hair transplant can be an extremely effective way of replacing hairs lost, providing a permanent solution and a healthy appearance.  Even better than that is 

Each eyebrow requires between 250-400 hairs, and transplanted closely together and lying in the right direction, the end result is natural and smooth. This takes longer and can be veryyyyy costly.

Consider these facts.

With just a local anesthetic required = $$$$
Ongoing treated if you have a medical condition,
You still may lose more hair or more thinning 

Did you know?

A poor diet can cause patchy eyebrow hair growth, or thinning of existing hair. Lack of protein or vitamins, particularly iron are common causes while conversely, excessive intake of certain vitamins can also cause eyebrow hair loss.

Medical conditions which cause loss of scalp hair can also trigger problems with eyebrows too. Hypothyroidism is a common cause along with atopic dermatitis, particularly for individuals who have sensitive skin.

Cosmetic shaping of the eyebrows could lead to a more permanent loss of hair with over plucking being one of the leading causes of eyebrow hair and thinning. Constantly plucking the same areas of hair within the eyebrows leads to weakening in the follicles and damage which ultimately stops hair growth.