NE Eyebrows pigment #102 - Light Brown Cold

NE Eyebrows pigment #102 - Light Brown Cold

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Temperature: neutral, cool.

Base: yellow, sand color.

Who is it suitable for: suits contrasting blondes with normal to thin skin for powder technique, transparent shading. Fitzpatrick I, II.

Light brown hair with normal to thin skin, you can add a yellow corrector or use warm light brown on thick skin. To make it warmer, but not lighter, add deep brown color.

Technique: Shading, dense shading, hair strokes with a warm corrector.


Volume: 15 ml

Ingredients: AQUA, CI 21110, CI 21095, CI 77266, ROSIN, GLYCERIN, CI 21108, CI 74160, CI 12477, CI 77491, CI 77891, HAMAMELIS VIRGINIANA EXTRACT, ISOPROPYL ALCOHOL, BENZYL ALCOHOL