Universal 1RL-.25mm Long Taper PMU Cartridges - Box of 20

Universal 1RL-.25mm Long Taper PMU Cartridges - Box of 20

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  • We are proud to offer this top quality cartridges with new low tension membrane design to prevent backflow
  • Each .25mm needle cartridge is packaged in a sterile and sealed packaging
  • Perfect replacement for Kwadron and Vertix cartridges
  • Tip reservoir designed to maximize ink flow and tip saturation
  • Minimizes machine vibration
  • Elongated tip profile enhances field of view
  • Compatible to Vertix, Cheyenne, Defenderr, Kwadron, Mast and many other cartridges
  • Sold in quantity of 20 needles
  • This cartridges are compatible with tattoo/pmu machines that accept standard twist-to-fit cartridges, including DEFENDERR Onyx, Mars, Cheyenne, FK Irons and Microbeau (Spectra Xion, Spectra Flux, Bellar and Apollo), Bishop, Muse 2.0, Solo, Rook, Equaliser, Scalpa, Mast, Dragonhawk, and many more.
  • Needle number, lot number, manufacturing and expiration date printed on each needle cartridge packaging
  • Safe and Easy to use
The very fine needles allow us to achieve ultra thin hairstrokes, while the soft and flexible features of the needle provide perfect pixels for shading
  • Perfectly sealed cartridges to prevent cross contamination
  • The soft flexible needles are less painful and damaging on the skin
  • Needles absorb and release color evenly without pigment overflow
  • Perfect for Powder Eyebrows/Shading, Lips, Eyeliner, Scalp, etc.